biomedicine - the art of medicine is evolving

biomedicine - the art of medicine is evolving

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About us

Foundation for Bioregulatory Medicine is a medical not-for-profit organisation founded during 1994 in London, with a mission to deliver a Bioregulatory Medicine as a new systems medicine.
The Foundation established the International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine™(International Association for Bioregulatory Medicine™), by a team of founders who set Clinical and Educational standards for Bioregulatory Medicine worldwide.

International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine (ISBM)

ISBM is an independent medical society and a membership association. Our Specialist Board in Bioregulatory medicine (SBBM), is made up by clinicians and senior lecturers and scientists, who set training standards and assess specialists profficiency to join the register and also continually develop Specialisation programme in Bioregulatory Medicine.

Mission Objectives

We aim to transform medical science by a new integrative system of medicine and patient centered healthcare, suited for prevalence of degenerative, chronic and malignant diseases.
We see disease as a systemic dysregulation caused by multifactorial event, that calls for biological system regulatory treatment.
Our aim is to empower general public by patient-centered and health stategies for self-help and implementation of lifestyle changes, in order to bring about a true democratisation of health.

International Education

The ISBM is an umbrella organisation for national societies, and provides support for educational programmes. The Society's specialist board (SBBM), mantains educational and training standards in Bioregulatory Medicine, by overseeing the examination and granting dissertation and specialist memberships.
The specialist membership provides register and continual practitioners development and support for members, medical resources and research.
We also disseminate new insights at various medical symposia and conferences.