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Bioresonance Medicine

Bioresonance Course

Bioresonance technology is based on the understanding that natural body energy fields are altered when cells, tissues, organs become diseased or damaged. Each bacterium, each virus, organic substances have their own specific resonant frequency. The oldest kind of biological resonance is the sunlight. If light, as electro-magnetic oscillations of a defined frequency, touches our skin, it triggers regulations, such as pigmentation or the formation of vitamin D. Max Planck noted that everything is composed of oscillations.

Bioresonance treatment utilises the resonance phenomenon with electromagnetic force in living tissue and Electro-Dermal Screening measures conductance through cellular matrix.
In the medical field, biological resonance seeking and passing those resonant frequencies necessary for stimulation and self-regulation of the organism. Bioregulatory approaches in diagnosis of functional energetic disturbances may detect altered frequencies of unhealthy functions and emotions at very early stages. A bioresonance device is typically used as a complementary and support tool within wholistic bioregulatory treatments.


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