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Consultants and Fellowship

The Society organises Specialisation Programme and holds Specialist Register for Bioregultory systems medicine specialists practitioners.
Society holds a register for Specialists and Consultants or Felowships, which is awarded to those with a record of a contribution to developement and clinical expertise achieved in this field.


Full Fellowship with the ISBM is open by invitation to those with a record of education, research and to those with a general contribution towards the development of Bioregulatory Systems Medicine.
The status of Fellowship of Bioregulatory Medicine is awarded as a honour and gratitude from the Society for the furtherance of the progress of its constitutional objectives and betterment in the research, development and promotion in the filed of the systems medicine.
Fellowship is awarded by the Society Executive Board by majority voting on annual general assembly meeting.


Consultant with the ISBM is open by invitation to medical practitioners with a record of high level clinical work in the field of Bioregulatory Medicine. The status of Consultant of Bioregulatory Medicine is the highest level of practical work with patients and highest results in the Clinical Practice of Bioregulatory Medicine.
Consultant in the BM is awarded at a discretion, by the Specialist Board for Bioregulatory Medicine (SBBM), as a result of continued successful practice and a minimum of ten years clinical experience in the field corroborated by two colleagues and patients' letters of recommendation.