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Drug free medical centre

'Biofacelift'- Bioregulatory aesthetic medicine

Biofacelift Course is an intensive three-day theoretical and practical certificate course for physicians and health providers; who wish to learn more about bioregulatory methodologies for facial skin rejuvenation.
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   Venue: Biomedic Centre, 23 Manchester Street, London W1
   Date: 3-5 June 2022
   Time: 10.00 am ‑ 6.00 pm
   Maximum number: 10 participants
   Course Leader: Dr Damir A Shakambet MD
   Fee: £ 1,390


To register send the form by post or save the form and e-mail to:; or apply electronically by internet application form. Application requires signed registration form (on-line, email or paper copy) with course deposit. Written confirmation will follow with offer of a place for the course.

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Course Qualifications

Each graduate will receive a Certificate in Biofacelift by the Academy for Bioregulatory Medicine, and membership of the British Society for Bioregulatory Medicine.Practice insurance is provided by Balens, a specialist for insuring health practitioners and organisations.
All students will receive pre-course reading list and assessments is based on observing practical work and written exam.


All students must have a pleasant and refined sense of touch and empathic ability.
• University Degree in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy or Life Sciences
• Nursing or Dental Nursing Qualification
• Qualification in Naturopathic or Complementary medicine
• Professional Beauty NVQ Level 3 plus 5 years of relevant experience


Dr Damir A Shakambet MD
Dr Isabelle Martineau MD
Dr Laurence Bridot (Pharm.)
Dr Tatyana Telnikoff MD

Course Programme

• Anatomy and physiology of skin and facial structures
• Cosmetic dermatology
• Skin assessment and ageing classification
• Mesotherapy technique
• Aesthetic homeomesotherapy and meso-rolling protocols
• Contemporary electroporation techniques
• Sterilisation techniques and intradermal applications
• Facial isometric muscular techniques
• Topography of facial acupuncture points and methods of application
• Facial lymphatic drainage massage by Vodder
• Safety and infection control and professional conduct

Biofacelift Treatment

Biofacelift is a holistic bioregulatory methodology for skin rejuvenation. as an alternative or complement to aggressive surgical or toxic 'botox' treatment.
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