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Bioregulatory Specialist Programme

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A postgraduate specialisation course in Bioregulatory Medicine, based on integrative methodology and systems biology is presented by our international medical team from the British Academy.
The course is in its 30th year, and it has been rigorously designed, critically evaluated, and continuously refined by our academic Board.
The course is a cornerstone to our programme in Bioregulatory Medicine, providing an outstanding overview to implement in daily practice integrated clinical application of Homeostasis.

The specialisation programe consists of Seven Modules.
First part is three modules of theoretical nature, and provide foundation of systems biology, lower system of ground regulation and higher systems of PNEI (psycho-neuro-immuno-endocrinology) systems control.

Second part of the course consists of four modules; each modules explains nature of dysregulation according to a disease progression table (presomatic, inflammatory, degenerative and malignant) and Bioregulatory medical protocols for each phase and organ system involved.

Each module has ten short lectures of 30-45 minutes, with teaching aids, slides and handout. Tutor is allocated for a consultation after each module. Finally, your tutor will be guding you also towards dissertation, and final exam before joining membership of ISBM (British and International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine).

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