biomedicine - the art of medicine is evolving

Biomedicine - the art of medicine is evolving

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International Education

Foundation for Bioregulatory Medicine

The Foundation for Bioregulatory Medicine or Biomedic Foundation established the International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine and national societies worldwide, with specialist courses and research that standardises training for Bioregulatory Medicine. Missionary objectives are to move medicine away from the rigid linear model, towards personalised treatment based on systems biology and multifactorial networks.


The programme consists of seven modules, including a specialist exam and thesis, typically over a 12-month period.
This specialist omline course in Bioregulatory Medicine teaches the methodology and clinical application of systems theory biology to enhance individual homeostatic potential.
To apply for course go to international education to look for a course programme and applications.

Bioregulatory Medicine Specialist Board

The Specialist Board for Bioregulatory Medicine (SBBM) is a legal and administrative panel of experts, who set standards for the international programme in the field of Bioregulatory Medicine.

The body also oversees exam criteria - outlined in 'training standards and competencies' along with training requirements for joining affiliated specialist registers.