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International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine™

Specialist online Course in Bioregulatory Medicine

The International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine™(ISBM), is an international, board-certified specialist body, pioneering the cause for Systems Medicine.
It was established by the Foundation for Bioregulatory Medicine in 1994 in London. The Society organises specialist course and formalises training standards and competencies for its affiliated societies worldwide.

Specialist Programme

The programme, offered by the ISBM, is a one year postgraduate specialist course that administers an exam and dissertation, according to standards provided by the Specialist Board (SBBM).
This specialist programme has been rigorously designed, critically evaluated and is being continually refined.
To apply for a course, search in the listings above of International societies affiliated to the programme.

Specialisation application

Specialisation in the field of Integrative or Bioregulatory medicine invites for the course, medical doctors and naturopathic practitioners, as well as alternative and complementary therapist.
The training standards are continually developed with a new methodologies of Bioregulatory Medicine, and ISBM provides members continual specialist professional development.

Society Membership

The International Society awards specialist membership, to those who have passed specialist exam, approved by the Specialist Board for Bioregulatory Medicine.
The Board supervises specialist competencies and training standards towards specialist registers of ISBM affiliated societies.
The Society also maintains Affiliated Membership for clinicians and scientists alike, as well as register of Consultants and Honorary Fellowships.